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Art Resin Review

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

I was so honored when Art Resin reached out with an artist challenge for me to try something new! They sent me a 32oz resin kit and their new product, Mold Making Material.

I've only been working with resin for about a year and I've tried two different brands of resin. The first one worked just fine but man was it STINKY! Even through my respirator. On to the next! I tried my next resin because I found a coupon code for it so I figured it wouldn't hurt to try. I liked it a lot and being a new business owner, it fit my budget! It got a little bubbly sometimes but I found it was less extreme if I heated the resin in front of a space heater before mixing. I don't think this is too big of a con but it does make it hard when an idea comes to me spontaneously and I have to wait for my gallon jugs of resin to warm up.

One of my favorite resin artists, AGA Art Studio, only uses Art Resin so I was actually really excited to be able to try some. Agnes says that in her experience, Art Resin yellows the least which is so important when people are paying good money for your art!

When I poured the Art Resin, I realized that it has a much lower viscosity than the resin I currently use! It mixed together really quickly and with less bubbles than my current resin (and without being heated!) so I was immediately impressed. I mixed the resin with my mica pigments and they looked so pretty. I could actually see a difference in the "floating gold" pigment that I use before I even poured it. The gold was starting to float to the top already and I hadn't even added heat yet. I usually have to really work to get this gold pigment to do what its supposed to do. Because Art Resin is low-viscosity, it poured beautifully. I could manipulate the resin with a heat gun very easily compared to my current resin. I have only poured one layer on this gold, gray, and white triptych but I'm so happy with the way it looks already.


  1. Less bubbles! I didn't have to waste time waiting for my resin to heat up.

  2. CRYSTAL CLEAR resin!

  3. Shows the true, beautiful color of the pigments I use.

  4. Low viscosity, better for creating art pieces!

  5. I poured a large amount and had no flash curing! This is a major problem I've stumbled upon in my current resin. If I mix enough resin to do a large pour, by the time I get to the last color it has flash cured.


  1. A two gallon kit of my current resin is $135 while a two gallon kit of Art Resin is $189. I see there is a quantity discount if I were to buy a four gallon kit of Art Resin so I will definitely be doing that!

  2. When I buy a two gallon kit of my current resin, it comes with two 1 gallon bottles of part A and two 1 gallon bottles of part B. When you buy a two gallon kit of Art Resin, it comes in a two gallon bottle of part A and a two gallon bottle of part B. I feel like that will be much harder to work with!

I am ECSTATIC with the results of this project! I was going to keep this for my house but I posted a video of me pouring this piece on Instagram and its already had so much interest (and its not even totally done!) so I've listed it for sale on my website! I will absolutely be an Art Resin customer in the future. Thank you again to Art Resin for including me in this challenge!

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